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Le saut en parachute tandem

Tandem parachute jump

The tandem

The tandem parachute jump is the most common procedure for taking the first steps in the world of skydiving. Discovering an extreme sport.

To do this, you will first benefit from theoretical explanations lasting a quarter of an hour before heading towards the plane in the company of your tandem master. Then, a flight on our aircraft will take you to the release altitude above the departure airfield. You will have time to admire our beautiful Swiss landscape. Then it will be time to jump out of the plane with your instructor for a breathtaking free fall. Eventually the parachute will open, you and your instructor will fly with all the fun it can bring until landing.

Tandem 4000

The 4000 tandem parachute jump is the standard in the skydiving world. First, you will take a 20-minute plane flight during which you will have a breathtaking view. Then, you will launch into the void accompanied by your instructor to discover the joy of free fall and the sensation of adrenaline. With the tandem jump 4000, you will fly like a bird and discover what skydiving is as well as action sport.

Tandem 6000 (HALO)

To go to 6000 meters, the climb by plane will be longer. At this altitude you will need to use the plane's oxygen system. In fact, you will benefit from double the free fall time with the tandem jump 6000. At more than 200 km/h, you will fall accompanied by your instructor to discover our beautiful region and the pleasure of free fall.

Tandem 7600 (HALO) – Exclusive in Europe

The HALO course is the queen discipline of tandem jumps. A full-day experience that will take you through an oxygen course and you will enjoy two tandem jumps. Indeed, you will first do a tandem jump at 4000 meters and then THE HALO tandem jump at 7600 meters. Also accompanied by your instructor, you will climb by plane to the roof of Switzerland. You will benefit from the plane's oxygen system. Arriving at 7,600 meters, the on-board technician will connect you to the portable oxygen system used during your parachute jump. You will have the chance to see beyond the Swiss borders in one go and enjoy a vertical flight lasting more than 2 minutes.

Saut en parachute tandem 4000 - Swissboogie
Tandem parachute skydive 4000 Sale priceFrom CHF 430.00
Saut en parachute tandem 6000 - Swissboogie
Tandem parachute skydive 6000 Sale priceFrom CHF 650.00
Saut en parachute tandem 7600 - Swissboogie
Tandem parachute skydive 7600 Sale priceFrom CHF 1,930.00