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Apprendre à sauter

Learn to skydive

Become a skydiver and obtain the Swiss license

AFF program


For the initial training of the parachutist, Swissboogie offers training with the most modern first basic course, according to the individualized assisted freefall method (AFF: Accelerated Free Fall). The specific instruction includes the 7 jumps accompanied by the instructors, in flight, upon departure from the plane and throughout the free fall, followed by observation of the parachute flight until landing. At the end of this basic course, the skydiver benefits from skills allowing him to jump alone, and have fun without the direct support of a skydiving instructor, while still in school.

NAFF program

To become a licensed skydiver, Swissboogie offers progression training according to the structured program, including 20 jumps after AFF. This second course (NAFF) ends with the official theoretical and practical exam. From that moment on, the student becomes a skydiver with a Swiss license and can jump on all dropzones in the world.


In Swissboogie courses, all progression jumps are carefully instructed before boarding the plane. Upon returning, the student is immediately invited to the individual debriefing, in which the details of the work accomplished while skydiving and under canopy are carefully discussed to be corrected or improved later if necessary. Obtaining the Swiss license confirms the skills acquired and opens all doors to the new licensed parachutist, for the practice of sport, whether for leisure or competition.


For the duration of learning skydiving, with obtaining the official license, we generally count on one to two seasons practicing a priori on weekends. The learning duration can also be reduced to a 2 to 3 weekend for the AFF followed by around 2 to 3 month for the NAFF. The rhythm of the jumps is defined according to the student's wishes.


Formation PAC - Swissboogie
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