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Annual skydiving calendar

We are active 365/365 days of the year.

The calendar below defines all the fixed activities scheduled for the current year.

Last minute information, taking into account weather conditions or cases of Force Majeure, are confirmed or can be modified on the day of activities on the answering machine 032 485 11 33.

Other additional dates and times of jumps or flights can be added and activated specially, upon request. Offers, additional requests by telephone or email always possible.


Kappelen: Jumping activity at Kappelen airfield on our main base

Kappelen 6000: Special jumping activity only for jumps from 4000 and 6000 meters at Kappelen airfield

Kappelen 7600: Special jumping activity only for jumps at 4000 and 7600 meters at Kappelen airfield

Bressaucourt: Jumping activity at Bressaucourt aerodrome

OPEN: Jumping activity with location not yet defined

On request: Jumping activity in Kappelen possible on request (minimum 8 jumpers and more than 2 flights or minimum 4 tandems)