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Parachutisme en freefly

Photography and videography in the skydiving world

How to take beautiful free fall images?

In all action sports, photography and video are omnipresent. Skydiving is no exception to the rule: whether for a souvenir video like a tandem handycam or a photo with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, up to the GoPro coaching video to perfect the level of a skydiver. Everything is possible.

Have you ever wondered how skydiving photos and videos are taken? Here we will see the different possibilities as well as to what extent this can be a positive and/or negative point for the skydiver and skydiving.

GoPro fashion

At the time, video or photography was reserved for people who had know-how in the field. The equipment was not only heavy, but very expensive. Today there are simple and relatively inexpensive ways to capture beautiful moments. Indeed, with the arrival of “action cams”, it has never been easier and more affordable for any amateur to take video and/or photos. Simply attach it to the helmet using the mounting system supplied with the device and in a few seconds any skydiver can film their jump. Everything is with the aim of simplicity and comfort with, it must still be emphasized, very good quality. These little cubes can film in 4K without the slightest problem and with exceptional stabilization.

GoPros in skydiving


However, professional content creators have not said their last word. Cameras have also developed and although they have not become as compact as a GoPro, there have also been major advances. However, when you start to move into this area, you need to look in more detail at how the camera works. Indeed, to get the most out of it, not only must the exposure of the subject be correct, but the camera settings must also be exact. In addition, a good subject is of great importance, because without it we can have the best equipment we want, the image will not be good!

Once all of these factors are understood and put into practice correctly, the result is usually amazing! To see examples, at the end of the blog are some of my best free fall images.

Canon camera for skydiving

Large calibers

Of course, there is always better and more powerful. Here we arrive in an area where very precise recommendations are necessary. Also, mastery of 110% free fall is essential, with very advanced technical knowledge in photo-videography. For example, in the cinema, it happens that certain scenes are filmed in free fall: this is where this type of equipment comes in.

Here a link to a RED camera mounted on a skydiving helmet.

Advantages and disadvantages of photo/video cameras

Thanks to the ease of use, lightness and miniaturization of certain cameras, anyone can take images in free fall or under canopy. This has put our sport in the spotlight, because it's easy to make videos that impress anyone outside of the skydiving world. This advantage has clearly moved our sport in the right direction.

These small cameras, easily attachable to the helmet or hand, have also favored all areas of free fall training and progression. Today, it is extremely easy to film a student or a skydiver who wants to progress in their sport; which gives a more visual and interactive perspective while speeding up the process.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful memory of their skydive, not just experienced skydivers. People who come to jump in tandem have the opportunity to be filmed during their fall and thus keep a wonderful memory!

However, all these electronic devices also cause other, less positive factors. The lack of concentration during the main activity, here the jump itself, is the major problem. Indeed, any skydiver will be able to confirm that when he jumped for the first time with a camera, after landing he no longer even remembered the fall because his concentration was so focused on the film. This can have serious consequences during a problem or emergency situation where reactivity is essential.

In addition, having a growth on the head or hand is not necessarily without danger: it is easy to get stuck on the plane or the parachute when it opens, which can have serious consequences. serious results. Fortunately, most video headsets come with a release system!

Finally, lack of experience is another factor that comes into play. Indeed, if a skydiver has a problem in free fall because of the camera, he will have to react quickly and correctly, which is more difficult if he has little experience in this sport.

In summary, these cameras are a great advantage for skydiving and skydiver. They help them in many cases. However, you have to be aware of the negative points. Training is a key point in this environment and we must not underestimate the risks that a camera can cause. The person who wishes to link photo/video and skydiving should not hesitate to seek information from people experienced in this field.

Spiderman in free fall

Saint Nicholas in free fall

Tandem parachute jump in free fall

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