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10 bonnes raisons de sauter en parachute tandem

10 good reasons to jump with a tandem parachute

Have you ever dreamed of taking the plunge?

Today is all about giving you 10 reasons why you should book a tandem skydive today or tomorrow…

1. prospects

When you're sitting in a "small plane" like the Pilatus Porter at an altitude of 4,000 meters, huddled together and you know you're about to take the plunge, you don't necessarily think about yourself. marvel at the beautiful view that surrounds you. When you gently slide down - after the parachute has opened - you will be able to intensely enjoy this unique view!

The view of our 3 lakes and the Alps is splendid.

2. You experience many “first times”

Offhand, we can think of four first times... This is probably the first time you drive to Kappelen BE. The first time you wear a really well-fitting wetsuit. That you are flying with such a small plane and yes, it is the first time in your life that you will jump from one.

3. You hardly need any preparation

Since you get the all-inclusive package when you do a tandem skydive at Swissboogie, you only need to bring comfortable clothes, sneakers, and a little bit of your time. The complete equipment, including professional teaching, is of course available on site!

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4. the experience is made for you

Well obviously…you don’t jump out of the plane alone during a tandem jump! – although it is also possible to do this at Swissboogie – but a skydive is a unique experience that you experience for you! A big leap into freedom!

5 You Can Scream as Loud as You Want

Do you remember the last time you screamed really loud? As a child, it was almost normal to let all of your emotions out from time to time and lie on the ground screaming. As an adult, you rarely get that chance, but there's nothing more liberating than screaming really, really loud and without restraint!

6. fear of heights

So first of all: if you really have a panic fear of flying or great heights and you feel uncomfortable, it is obvious that you will not be able to enjoy your experience 200%. However, many people experience slight dizziness, such as on ladders, towers or the five-meter board, and despite this, skydiving won't even scare you! When you jump, you are at such an altitude that your brain can no longer estimate distance realistically and the fear of heights disappears.

7. free fall

What can you answer to this? There is simply nothing in the world that can compare to a good 60-second free fall during which you move at speeds of up to 200 km/h. There is nothing cooler than the air at 4000 meters altitude. At Swissboogie, we even give you the guarantee of becoming dependent on it!

8. the moment when the parachute opens

It's hard to say what the real highlight of a skydive is, but the moment the parachute opens is incomparable. One moment you were in free fall cooling off and suddenly you are "sitting" or "hanging" in the air. One minute everything was fast, loud and exciting and the next minute everything is calm and peaceful. No other sport achieves such contrasts.

9. you have a new topic to discuss

After a skydive, the things around you seem completely different and your discussions will take a different turn, because you will have something new to tell and will be able to impress your loved ones with emotions, photos and videos, which will give them in turn the desire to live this exceptional experience.

10. your laugh

You won't stop smiling the rest of the day and you will always remember YOUR experience.

The final word

We hope we have inspired you to share this unique experience with us! We could still cite a thousand and one additional reasons that would no longer make you hesitate for a single moment. Swissboogie would be very happy to welcome you soon to help you discover this beautiful adrenaline. In the meantime, don't hesitate to take a look at our site and look at our most beautiful photos to make your mouth water!

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